Bill Montgomery


Bill has broad experience in electronic engineering systems and technology with a background in science and mathematics. He was awarded eight US Patents in engineering and technology areas. Bill has particular expertise in management of cross-functional research, design and development engineering and technical groups and teams. Bill is invaluable as he has created management environments guided by the values of creativity, collaboration and achievement.

Bill's Patent Application writing experience (18 years) for the patent law firm, HittGaines PC,  includes the general area of electronic systems and instrumentation. Specifically, these areas include computer architecture and software, database management software, wireless and wireline single and multiple channel telecommunication systems (especially cell phone systems), computer graphics systems and graphical user interfaces, internet-based systems, signal processing, integrated digital and analog circuitry, power converters and power conversation systems, seismic exploration and drilling systems, mathematical modeling and business modeling.

Bill spent 5 years with Performance Works, Inc. in the areas of Business Consulting and Executive Coaching, including Business Process Mapping and Improvement, Organizational Design and Development, Strategy Development and Team Building for
American Airlines, The Baptist General Convention of Texas, Trammel Crow, The Great North American Company and
NEXEN Petroleum Company.

While with Shell Development Research for 12 years, Bill's responsibilities were in Research Management and Development Engineering, including the defining of Shell’s Drilling Research Program and development of Shell’s Digital Seismic Amplifier. The Drilling Research Program provided a major focus on Measuring While Drilling (MWD) technology that has resulted in horizontal borehole drilling, leading to the resurgence of US oil production. The Digital Seismic Amplifier development provided enhancement in both input signal dynamic range and reduced signal distortion. The Digital Seismic Amplifier accommodated an input signal range of 140 dB (ten million to one) and a signal distortion level of -90 dB (three parts per million), which were considerable improvements over existing seismic amplifier capabilities.

During his 5 years with Autonetics and Sylvania, Bill worked on the design team for the Minute Man ICBM nozzle control system, as well as the development of electronic communications, countermeasures systems and high performance measurement instrumentation.

Bill has served as President of the Chandlers Landing Community Association in Rockwall, TX, as well as other committees, including the Environmental committee. He is active in his church as an elder, deacon, and teacher. Bill is a graduate (BA, BSEE, MSEE) of Rice University, and did his PhD coursework at Stanford. He is a Texas registered professional engineer.