Eric Cade


Eric has a diverse background in teaching, donor development, international business, franchise work (Service Master), customer relations, and B2B sales in the textile industry. For over 30 years, Eric has come alongside others, enabling them to better reach their goals and potential, whether business employee or partner, international graduate or ESL student, non-profit organization’s financial partners, or any number of other friends, business associates and acquaintances. Eric likes people! Graduating from Texas Christian University (Ft. Worth, TX) with a B.S. in Biology, and then from Columbia International University (Columbia, SC) with an M. Div., Eric spent 10 years with his family in the country of Turkey, co-owning and operating a foreign capital company in Ankara. He is fluent in Turkish and operates well in international and diverse contexts. A heart for business development originated from his work for several years with a Service Master franchise, then took off through his business partnership in Ankara and a separate 4-year stint as Director of Advancement and Donor Development with an international non-profit organization. Business sales and customer relations, along with management, supervisory and teaching positions, round out Eric’s broad and lengthy experience in business and people engagement at various levels and in a variety of contexts.

Eric and his wife, Dawn, live in Rockwall, TX, and have three children.  Dawn is a Texas certified Special Education teacher, and currently assists in a public elementary school special education classroom. With both Dawn and Eric coming from families of educators, Eric intrinsically understands the value and unique stratagem of this particular STEM education model, being passionate to contribute significantly to its steady and healthy expansion throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and beyond. Truly, the opportunities are very great!