Private Sessions for Learners with Special Needs


  • STEM exploration

  • Sessions: 1 or 1.5 hour (you determine how many times a week)

  • Grades: K-12

  • Year-round

  • Free initial consultation

For K-12th grade kids with special needs, private weekly sessions are offered in lieu of our group sessions. Private sessions include one-on-one STEM instruction and exploration. Topics of exploration include: robotics, circuitry, digital communications, computer graphics, software engineering, scientific data & analysis, mechanics & structures, etc. Each topic is tailored to the learner’s specific needs and attention span.

We ask that you come in for an initial consultation to see the STEM lab and meet our team. During this consultation we can meet your child, learn about their specific needs, as well as the short-term and long-term goals that you have for your child. We promote growing independence for each learner and we pace sessions to be the most productive for the individual.

Regular registration takes place at the CORE™. You may register your child at any time during the month. Fees are prorated for the month of sign-up, so no need to wait for the beginning of a new month. The monthly membership fee is based on the length of a session and the number of sessions per week. Call for pricing. Private makeup sessions are available with 3 business days prior notice.

Submit the information below in order to request a consultation.

Feel free to contact us by phone 469-402-0071 or by using our contact form here if you have any questions.